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Continuing the confessions of a book lover…

Books have been a key part of my life. At home, I would invariably pick up a book from my home collection.

As a National Science Talent Scholar when I travelled during the college days (annual NCERT summer camp for NSTS students), I would have something from home – or pickup something from the AH Wheeler books stores at the railway station.  I guess I built my entire ‘Sudden’ library (Western stories by Oliver Strange) in that train travel!

My scholarships also gave me the seed money to build my book collection. I picked up the Scientific American hardbound collection from a book seller at the Kamalika market (Opposite IIT Delhi Main gate) – and even today have some of the choices titles in Physics and Engineering.

Post College, when I started my career in Metal Box, I was affectionately taken into the fold by my Kolkata based local guardians. My aunt and family were readers as well and I remember their bookshelf when I visited their home.

While at Kolkata, I was staying in a Chummery ( place where chums stay- old British slang) on the Little Russel Street – and found immediate succor in the British Council Library ( just a few buildings away) on Shakespeare Sarani.

There were 4 of us management trainees staying at the Chummery and we used to go for meals to various outlets in the surrounding area – including the Park Street. Oxford Book Store and Library on Park Street was a regal old outlet on the ground floor of Park Hotel.  It was here I discovered a lovely Bunter (Frank Richard’s) collection – and remember accessing some vintage Bunter titles like “Bunter & the Cannibals” in original hardback Cassells edition.  I remember this as one of the stories that I had missed out at St. Xavier’s collection!

Over the next few weeks, I discovered the 2nd hand book markets in Kolkata. Kolkata had a vibrant book reader community and there were several shops in the Park Street, Fancy Lane, New Market area. And it was all in a walking distance from the Chummery.

There was a small circulating library under a staircase in the New Market which had several earlier era comics – and an excellent collection of books.  The street market of Garihat-had several old book stalls and some still survive at the Gol Market crossing.  I picked up several Westerns – specifically, Louis L ’amour while at Kolkata. Unfortunately, some of these markets are a shadow of their original self that I had witnessed in the early 80’s.

Later, as I travelled across the nation, I was able to get books at various 2nd hand book shops, circulating libraries and bargain book stores.  Bangalore had some excellent book shops on MG Road – I picked up some of my Star Trek classic books from here; Hyderabad was replete with bargain book shops and I discovered them on my way to the hotel on Banjara hills – and came back to pick up some rare phantom and Tintin comics from their wares.

Finally, as a tribute to the reading culture in the nation,  I must share the following photograph of a reading library in Kerala – really admire the creativity of the architect and the people whose passion shaped this temple for book lovers!



The photograph was forwarded to me by my Kolkata Aunt – another voracious reader -, who has since moved to Coorg, after she read my posts on my journey in the land of books – and I see it fitting to close this post with the following quote shared by her:


#BigIdeas2021 Having reached 24 books/year; pursuing a personal improvement plan that enabled me to pick up a PhD/ several industry accreditations – what is the big idea 2021 with which I can take the next improvement leap?!

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  1. Vineeth Abraham

    Really enjoying sharing your journey. It’s like reliving my own. More of the same, please.

    • Ashwini Aggarwal

      Thanks- the next leg starts our collaboration actions….