Fast-charge your Linkedin Profile// Workshop for BCC

My post on ‘Winning Linkedin Headlines’ and the related youtube video has been getting a strong response over the last few weeks. I also crossed a milestone on my Linkedin network in early September -over 6000 direct network connections and growing response to my posts!

I was invited to address a select group of enthusiasts at Bombay Chamber of Commerce this week on my Linkedin journey. The topic was ‘ Fast-charge your Linkedin Profile’ – and it was a systematic deep dive into the functioning of this amazing B2B social media platform and replete with tips on building and executing a strategy to mine its full potential.

We started with defining our strategic objectives – and then built the strategy before the siege! A clear articulation of our goals and the target audience helped shape the discussion,

We covered the full gamut of the profile makeover wrt the strategic goals – from the headline, to the banner, the photo headshot, the summary – and much more! With specific examples on what worked, and what did not!

After covering the profile makeover, we delved into content and networking strategies. And then we also looked at leveraging the platform for lead generation.

The audience expectations had been mapped before we started – and to a great extent, we covered each of the expectations- some to the specific sector that they sought ( one of the attendees had wanted to use Linkedin for lead generation in her law firm – and we took a case example to that specific perspective)!

All-in-all, an extremely satisfying execution and I appreciate the warm response from my audience at Bombay Chamber of Commerce. For them – and to other Linkedin enthusiasts – here is my presentation for your reference.

Linkedin Workshop -A. WkShop Intro v1

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