Rok Sako to Rok Lo! Fun Team-Building Activity Part 2

Rok Sake to Rok Lo! (Stop us, if you can)!  Part 2 Fun Team-Building Activity

In the part 1 of this post, we saw the brief that shaped the HP Team activity at Goa. Of course, the brief could well have asked for an event that developed the team capability for:

  1. Strategy (even get down to specifics of the environment it was targeting for simulation- I have gone thru the INSEAD Store Wars, where the teams competed in a computer simulated business game to maximize their profits vs competing teams).
  2. Decision Making Process
  3. Risk Taking and Reward/ROI
  4. Skill acquisition ( Imagine a group of C-level managers getting a firsthand cookery skill – bread making or chocolate making – as a group…Bread Making can give such simple messages as ‘together we rise!’ when we mix elements like flour, sweet milk and yeast in the bread-mix message! Really speaking, there is no end to creative executions and fun learning opportunities).
  5. Execution
  6. Trust on Leadership
  7. Collaboration (are we working with each other? Or despite each other?)!

However, as the program schedule shared, the available time on hand was half-a-day on day 2! Moreover, An event like Rok Sake to Rok Lo – was designed more for team bonding and letting the collaboration spirit evolve – and to break down barriers between different layers of the hierarchy! The groups had senior national level managers dancing with the store-keeper and the sale executives alike!

The challenges to the team leaders were:

  • Keeping the team together instead of letting them fragment and slip away to a Goa city trip!
  • Use the resource of the Choreographers to evolve an exciting, creative execution of the event
  • Break out the native shyness of some members and get them involved in the action

…and to deliver a product (the dance performance) with 3 hours of preparation!

If you have 15 people from different backgrounds – and just 3 hours to do it- believe me it is no mean task!

So what would be the evaluation metrics be for this event? As committed in the video- this is the suggested list for this event:

  1. Use of Resources
  2. Teamwork & Participation
  3. Execution
  4. Shared Vision

For measuring some of the scores, teams have to be observed during their preparation stage. Effective teams have the following characteristics:

  • Everyone in the group speaks and listens roughly the same amount.
  • Contributions are clear, succinct, and energetic.
  • Communication is multi-directional and not just between leaders and subordinates.
  • People demonstrate engaged body language, such as facing one another and using active listening and speaking gestures.
  • Members actively brainstorm in small groups and bring ideas back to the larger team.
  • Team members make an effort to collaborate face to face whenever possible rather than using technology.

Knowing how a successful team operates will help one determine if the employees are trending in the right direction. And a leaders’ observations here can also identify the objectives for the next team-building activity. This is part of the prior preparation and brief. Ultimately, one has to define a baseline – and a quantified metrics for measuring the change ( or the actual results from the team building activity).

BTW- the judges gave all the teams an A rating for their performance and it added to the overall fun that evening! The score card is attached here.

Rok Score Card
But the real payoff for such team-building events is the evolution of the organization culture! As team HP broke the silos of hierarchy it came together as an even stronger team charged to take on the market in its next financial year ( the event was in end 2006, the year 2007 was a record performance year for HP consumer business group in India)!

For Part 1 of this Post, and Part 1 of the YoutTube video,  please click the link below.

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