SS2: Reciting Reverse Alphabets from Memory!


Reciting Reverse Alphabets from Memory!

Can we recite alphabets in reverse order from memory?  In the above video, I do it in ~10 seconds.

How does one accomplish this? There is a simple mnemonic aid that I have placed in a memory palace….

Imagine a

Zebra in Yellow jacket playing Xylophone                                ZYX

asking “What Vill U have for Tea, SiR”                                     WVUTSR

this Question is asked at a Post Office Near Mussoorie           QPONM

on banks of Lake Kempty                                                         LK

where Jesus & I                                                                       JI

discovered the Human Growth Formula                                   HGF

Of Education Department at Centre of Basic Arts                     EDCBA

In the above story line, I have coded the entire flow of reverse alphabets. As shared in the video above – and the presentation below – the mnemonic is enhanced with vivid, vibrant, multisensory images that are tied together on a location map in Mussoorie ( a hill -statin in Uttarakhand state) with a famous landmark called Kempty falls. I have chosen the location partly because it enables me to use North Mussoorie and Lake Kempty as cues from the story line naturally.

In fact, the original mnemonic that I got from Dr.Anthony Metevier, my guru for memorization, used North Minnesota and Lake Kilimanjaro – I replaced with a local landmark as I equated with that more naturally!  The how-to presentation is shared here…and the video above will give you the full explanation as well.

Reciting Alphabets in reverse order!

Mnemonics are a powerful aid to remembering specific elements – you can enhance the power of the same by:

  • exaggerating the image in your mind
  • linking it with your reference points (Near Mussoorie can be “North Minnesota”; )
  • Compounding it to reinforce
  • Building it in a location map (memory palace) for natural recall

How does one achieve these feats? It is an acquired skill that leverages the fact that visualization and visual memory is a key cognitive capability of the human brain…and surprisingly under-utilized by humans. By combing a focused mind with visualization, imagination, action and location, one can increase human memory capacity and recall accuracy dramatically.

I will cover this memory training (Smriti Shaastra) in future posts. For the time being, just enjoy videos shared below – and subscribe to my Youtube channel (it is the red button below the youtube video) and the blogpost for getting more posts on memory training and other life-hacks!

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