Toolbox for creating Innovation in Semiconductor Ecosystem!


Attached is my keynote presentation at India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA) Vision 2021. I was asked to speak on pathways for University engagement – and I turned the topic to focus on creating the innovation ecosystem for the semiconductor industry.

As I mentioned, when Government – Industry and academia work together, the mixture can be explosive.  We need to build a culture of innovation – where industry relevant research themes are collaborated on by the researchers in the academia and the resulting innovations are incubated in appropriate startups.

The slides for the session are shared here along with the video recording above.

Kickstarting Innovation vs 21

I am also sharing my industry notes here covering:

Jumpstarting electronics v7 rev04 a

Jumpstarting Electronics  covering the NPE 2.0 recommendations


In a future blog post, I will also share my paper describing the innovation ecosystems in the semiconductor world and the recommendations for an integrated approach to enable our fabless design ecosystem – and the semiconductor ecosystem.

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