Computer for Shantanu

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Case book 3: Shantanu Mohapatra


I had won the HP Vectra Desktop Computer in a company contest – but over the years, we had moved on to use of the laptops.   It was a fully functional piece, maintained well and with legal software loaded on it.

Shamli – our domestic maid, expressed an interest in buying it. Surprised at the request, I asked her who was to use it.  I learnt that her son, Shantanu, was keen on computers.  I knew Shamli as a virtuous lady with high work integrity and family commitment. I had helped interface with Mr Pawan Gupta , Principal, DC Model School when she had applied for admission and scholarship for Shantanu.

It was nice to know of Shantanu’s keen interest in studies – and the computer was handed over to Shamli and Shantanu free-of-cost.  I remember the delight that they had when I told them that there was no charge – and later on, gave them a sealed pack of original Simon & Schuster Encyclopaedia to whet the child’s interest in computers.

Over the last few years, we have seen the impact on Shamli’s family. They are more computer aware than most other people in that class. She was the one who told us of bargains on some of the ecommerce websites…she is taking her salary in a wire-transfer to her account….their family uses mobile apps like Ola and more…

Today (April 29th2017) – I understand Shantanu has finished his 12th class exams, and looking for admission to an engineering course. In his own way, his success will transform his family’s future…and I have the satisfaction of doing my bit to make it happen…