SS5: How to remember Names with Faces for easy recall


Many people have a problem remembering names of people they meet.

In my career , I have conducted numerous trainings and dealer events. I started remembering the names of the people I met as a simple business requisite. In the video shared above, I will share the technique and some tips to master this unique skill.

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Let us START!

The MOST IMPORTANT STEP in memorizing names is to FOCUS when meeting a person.  When we do not focus on person’s name, we do not acquire it for future reference. And if we have not acquired it, what are we trying to recall?

We can improve the FOCUS by:

  • Reminding ourselves to FOCUS when we are meeting a person
  • Repeating the person’s name in our initiating conversation “Nice to meet you, Sanjay/ Mr.Arya”
  • Ask for name again -if not clear (NO SHAME IN IT)!

STEP 2. IS FILING the information (NAME).

First step is to file it on the person’s unique face feature:

Second step is to file it with reference to the location.

STEP 3.  CODE the Information (NAME) for VISUAL recall

Visual part of the brain uses IMAGERY. By CODING the name VISUALLY, you are triggering a powerful part of the brain to facilitate RECALL.

You can code this imagery VISUALLY by

  • Selecting appropriate VISUALs (name of the person is Suraj and you have chosen his FOREHEAD as the prominent feature – You can imagine a SUN sitting on his FOREHEAD)  or
  • You can have a bridging person ( Actor Rajender Kumar in the role of Suraj in the movie Suraj ! )
  • Or you do a suitable word split or word twist to create a visual image ( George PAUL is Famous Five George playing with a BALL).
  • Dhananjay is ARJUN
  • Or Sanjay can be my Cousin SANJAY ( or any other SANJAY in my knowledge )


IMAGINE ARJUN’s ARROW piercing the newly acquainted Arjun’s forehead. Gruesome but Memorable.

Or old Sanjay Slapping the new Sanjay on his chin!

Or Rudra balancing a Rod on his NOSE!

Actually, with a little practice you will be able to build these associations very naturally and swiftly as you meet people.


Systematic repetition is the key to long term recall. You got the information, you coded it and recall it at that instance – but to get the name and face into your long-term memory, you need to have a systematic repetition.

In my conferences, I would jot down the names in a private moment and it would be a way of fixing the recall. One can also maintain a logbook with the names at the end of the day! Those who maintain a daily journal will find it a tremendous aid to boosting recall!

Writing the name down is a wonderful way to bring focus-and-recall into practice!

It is also recommended that you swing the pendulum of memory for a few days to embed the name into your long-term memory. This can be a daily review for a week, a monthly review for a quarter – and then as need be,  a  periodic refresh of the journaled notes.

Finally – what happens if you not recall the name of the person?  DO note that it is NATURAL and HUMAN to err.  Just ask the name again – if possible, from a mutual acquaintance – or directly, as the case be.


You can practice the name-face recall game by:

  • Looking at your linkedin network and doing a recall practice!
  • Or use a site like You can even get training levels to take your memory skills to the next level.


In th9e final analysis, remember name recall wrt a face is a simple execution of :



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