When Ideas take Wings…

When Ideas take Wings…

Came across the ePlane at Dubai Expo!

Created by a startup from IIT Chennai – it envisages a

  • 2 seater flying ‘car
  • That can cut the travel time by a factor of 4,
  • May spawn a new era of flying eTaxi services that may cost 1.5 times current fares
  • Will be fully electric
  • Have applications in passenger services, cargo services, strategic services…

The full-scale model video is shared here.


I am sure that the final actualization of the product (India Pavilion display was a full-scale mockup!) will have to cross a number of engineering challenges in:

  1. Light weight materials for the airship body
  2. Improved advanced chemistry energy storage with high energy density/kg for max range
  3. Optimised designs of the rotors to improve stability and
  4. Built-in fail-safe features

I am sure that there is a journey that ePlane has to take to get a flying start…but I applaud the vision of the IIT Chennai ePlane team of Pranjal Mehta and Prof.Satya Chakravorti.

An amazing view to a future that we may be lucky to see in our lifetimes!

A little on Dubai Expo – amazingly visualized, iconic event. Loved the India pavillon – had to wait in the line for the entry but overall execution was well managed. Met a customer and spent time with him in the meeting hall – and then browsed the show. More on it separately… but I give 5/5 to the India effort at Dubai expo.