KLE Technological University – Integrating Education, Employment and regional Economy

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Imagine an education fountain-head that unleashes creativity and spirit of innovation in it’s students – from the initiating first year to the years beyond the academic years….It was an intoxicating experience today taking in the passion of the faculty and leaders at KLE Technology University.  But the best part was experiencing first hand the students’ excitements as they worked out solutions to need statements from the market place.

I had heard of Dr Ashok Shettar (Vice Chancellor at KLE Tech Univ) and his pioneering work in evolving the pedagogical delivery of creativity at KLE Tech University.  It was an experience meeting him and going thru the student demos and talking to the start-up entrepreneurs.

KLE Technological University

I have seen somewhat similar conceptual treatments in some other forums – KLE Tech stood out in

  • The scale of creativity
  • On the coherent integration of the hands-on creativity experience from first year of the college
  • Building a cross-functional , cross-fertilization of ideas approach
  • Providing makers’s space with 20-30000 sq ft of facilities for mechanical proto-typing and electronics proto-typiing , literally crashing lead-times ( somewhat like Xian/China’s claim to fame)
  • Incubating external entrepreneurs in campus to build a chain-reaction across the academic, industry interface….

KLE Technological University

Dr Gopal K Joshi  leads the Centre for Engineering Education Research and Nitin Kulkarni leads the Centre for Technology Innovation and Entrepreurship. First focusses on unleashing the creativity and integrating engineering design basics in the students from first year – the second takes the prospective entrepreneurs into it’s  start-up program…and Dr Shettar has pioneered a KLE Tech Park to host the start-ups in their next stage…

Today – the presentation shared that the 5 year old initiative now has spawned 38 startups – 8 have moved to the next stage and 2 have crossed 100 crore valuations!

Clearly, something is working beautifully at KLE Tech Univ… Something that we can leverage upon in our evolution of NETRA and creating not just an industry-ready talent base – but also create gems that can sparkle , the start-ups that can power the regional economy with revenue and jobs by innovative product creation that serve local and cross-border needs…

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  1. Gopalkrishna Joshi

    Ashwiniji, Thanks for your encouragement.

    • Ashwini Aggarwal

      KLE Tech model is exemplary. I am now its evangelist. Can u share a guest post for my and IESA social media?

  2. Ashwin Kulkarni

    I am final year student from the same university.

    The leap shift in the hands-on provided here from my freshman year and to the current freshers.. Amazing it is,
    and as far as the teaching resources concerned Passionate all are.

    Happy to be experiencing part of this visionary school.

  3. Rajiv Jain

    Yes, KLE Tech is a unique initiative with the industry and academia coming together to provide the students with curriculum aligned with the industry requirements, and, help them realise their aspirations to become entrepreneurs by developing innovative and marketable products. The industry experts from the IESA member community lend their insights and knowledge, both, technical and business, to help guide and mentor the budding entrepreneurs.

  4. This initiative is really an eye-opener and a proof of the talent and zeal that India’s upcoming generation of students has to become entrepreneurs. KLE Tech, with its model and industry alignment, has set a benchmark with the exemplary success in the seamless transition of students to entrepreneurs. Surely a model to be replicated and scaled up. Kudos to the KLE Tech and IESA CIG team!!!!

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