Rok Sako to Rok Lo! Best Team Building Activity Part 1


Are you looking for Best Team Building Ideas? In this series of blog posts, I will be sharing some of the most memorable, fun team building activities that we executed in my career journey!

This event was implemented at the HP Consumer Business Group annual kick-off event in Goa. We required a team building activity that was fun, inclusive and vibrant. The brief for the event is captured here!

taem building event brief

The agency recommended and we jumped at the idea of a Bollywood theme dance event. The theme of the event was “Rok Sako to Rok Lo” – which is the Hindi Challenge “Stop us, if you can!” and resonated with our targeted single-net impression.

We had 100+ attendees for the annual kick-off. The group was divided into 6 teams ( I seem to recall if the division was based on Regional teams with some distribution of the head-office staff). Each of the 6 teams selected their team leaders. Each team was assigned a choreographer, a theme dance and half-a-day to prepare their act!
What happened next was team MAGIC! And it is captured with all its vibrancy in the dance performances captured in the video above (and next post– each covering 3 dance performances)!

The beauty of the event was that it was done using impromptu resources organized locally (wedding choreographers – and props- are available in most cities now) – and it involved every single member in the team action. If you watch the events, you will find that dances are choreographed to bring forward different team members center stage (as much as practical). The full services were taken from local yellow pages (choreography/dance/wedding planners etc ; references/ costume-prop rentals ; local wedding videographers)!

Of course, the challenge to such an event is ensuring group participation. There will be some members who would be shy and want to avoid dancing. Here the role of the formal team leader and the informal group leaders was very important. The manager was NOT necessarily the team leader, but he could be an informal leader with the informal task of keeping the group involved. Mostly, the group demographics was such that the group was involved in the activity. The power of the group also built a strong subjective norm- social influence binding the group to the common agenda of delivering a vibrant dance performance.

Some incidental notes for reference:
1. The event was shown to a limited, private audience by invitation- it was not a public event.
2. I do feel nostalgic when I watch the video. I am not in the videos – being one of the handful managers who were the audience/ evaluators.
3.. This video (part 1) captures the dance performances of teams Aflatoon, Albele and Awara. The Dance performances of Teams Rangeele, Jalwa and Style will be shared in the next video.

The supporting blog posts (with a possible evaluation metrics/score card) for the same will also be made available in the part 2 of this blog.

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