The Not-to-do list!

Just completed a productivity workshop on Linkedin Learning. One of the most interesting modules invited me to carefully think over my not-to-do list!

This is the list of things we will consciously choose not-to-do! They are a drain on our productivity and energy.

The impact of following this value system on productivity is immediate – but it requires some discipline to execute.

For example, I have frequently been told by different people that they have communicated to me a specific key issue on WhatsApp! I consciously advise them against it as it is not the official communication medium ( like an email or Teams chat). I do not view WhatsApp more than once or twice a day. Moreover, their is so much noise on that communication medium that it is not fair to communicate on it and expect the receiver to extract the content in an unfavorable signal-to-noise ratio communication medium.

After careful deliberation, I developed the following personal list of not-to-do list! I know if I miss out on following it, I will end up with some other productivity issue in my work-life.

1 Do not multi-task
2 Do not meet unless there is a reason
3 Do not check check whatsapp more than twice a day/ do not over obsess with social media
4 Do not do things for someone else ( but do train them / help them to self-sufficiency)
5 Do not delay my expense reports
6 Do not delay personal finance/tax actions
7 Do not miss out on daily exercise
8 Do not miss out on networking (physical & social media)
9 Do not miss out on family time
10 Do not miss out on professional commits


What is your not-to-do list?!

If you disagree with this, or have a different suggestion – let me know…and let us evolve our more productive self!