Sustainability – it is a TEAM effort!


As Applied Materials India expands its sustainability initiatives, Nicily, Praveen and I took a a handshake meeting with CII sustainability teams to understand their pioneering work in the sustainability space.

We had hosted MMe Seema Aurora, CII leader for Sustainability sometime back in one of our industry webinars – and we took her invite to take the exploratory discussion with the teams at CII centre for sustainability in Delhi.

It was one of the most interesting half day spent with our CII hosts – Mr Shikhar Jain and Shivani, Srabani, Swati  and Prabir.  The team has mature business processes that can help industry take a running leap into their sustainability initiatives by benchmarking and identifying gaps, building paper to practise actions and enhance executions thru best-known-method sharing via industry networking.  The teams shared their impressive work from creating a culture of inclusion -from gender to disability, ( A major theme action at AMAT); sustainability management and more.

For Applied Materials – our focus on sustainability covers initiatives in product design, process management and extends to a range of actions across the India Global Engineering Centre operations. Imagine if we could design products that could cut back on the environmental load from our tools. Our customers could save millions of dollars as they leverage more efficient systems and processes that scale down water usage, abatement costs and power consumption. Sustainable actions therefore could have a direct competitive enablement action!

Look forward to enhancing the actions by understanding the industry BKMs and evolving a world-class sustainability program from AMAT India.

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  1. Jeannie Peters

    Rather provoking article. Made me think. I read about this product before on COMPACOM but know I have doubts whether they were right. Both articles describe similar things but in diametrically different ways. Check it out yourself and decide which one to trust.