Restore our Earth!


I think of my childhood – and the verdant greenery of my father’s bungalow, of running through the fields and of biking with friends! And I think of the last year with its devastating silence and friends reduced to digital avatars – and some to memories!  And my heart prays – restore our earth!

We all know it begins here – and that we must do it ourselves. We must show compassion to nature that is hurting. We must curtail our waste – by reducing, reusing, recycling! Have we got that home composter? Have we watered our greens? Have we saved that drop?

As the world makes its transition to a clean energy future, sustainability is clearly a key ingredient and priority for driving future economic growth. Increasingly, responsible individuals and organizations continue to show commitment to sustainability through various initiatives.

At #AppliedMaterialsIndia, these values are practiced every day.   When I got vaccinated for Covid19, a tree was planted – a single action ensured two lives. Today, more than ever there is a need for us to stand united, build a coherent vaccination shield against the virus and restore the world!

Applied’s sustainability efforts get multifold with employee involvement, whether it is volunteering or actively participating in awareness building activities. Of course, the larger vision at Applied Materials is to build a scaled, multiplier response to our sustainability efforts – from 1x to 100x to 10,000x. In our sustainability framework, the individual operations/actions are the starting point with 1x impact – but the multipliers increase when we work with our customers and suppliers (100x) to build that impact. But imagine the impact when the technology builds on the earlier efforts to advance sustainability on a global scale. When we reduce the overheads on planet earth by designing tools and processes that reduce process waste, that reduces energy overheads and are more sustainable – we are multiplying the effort by 10,000x.

The corporate sustainability values resonate in the green initiatives that we have at Sanskriti – our family home. From waste segregation to e-waste elimination to composting to creating our verdant, lush gardens and cultivating the trees and plants, these initiatives have in their own way blessed us with flocks of birds to whose songs we wake up to every morning, to a richer, more meaningful life.

When all of us march in tune, the actions multiply to a crescendo – and there is hope of a greener, sustainable future for our world.

( A quick first step to joining the sustainability movement is to start home composting…here is a guide to start your effort to restore our earth!)

Home Composting Guide

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