Semiconductors- An industry Primer

Content Plan: Semiconductor Primer Workshop with MEITY & ELCINA

Sometime back, Mr.Saurabh Gaur, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & IT, asked me to deliver a Semiconductor Primer for the Ministry of Electronics& IT. I worked with ELCINA to prepare and deliver a two-part virtual workshop to the industy:

  • the first covered the Semiconductor basics and manufacturing concepts (delivered in Sept 20 – repeated in August 21)
  • and the second covers the ATMP basics and manufacturing concepts ( to be delivered on 9th October 20)

It has been an amazing journey at Applied Materials – and I have been fortunate to have been exposed to the best of the world leaders and their innovation drive that has shaped this exciting industry. It was a pleasure putting together the Semiconductor Primer that explained the fundamentals of semiconductors – and their manufacturing process.

I am told that the attendee base exceeded 100 – and the workshop was very well received.

I thank the attendees for some of their warm compliments – and am pleased to share the slides from the first session here.

You can watch the Applied Materials Maydan Technology Center video here.

and download the slides here:

Semiconductors – Primer _Part1

Semiconductors – Primer _Part2

Semiconductors – Primer _Part3

Semiconductors – Primer _Part4

For those who are seeking more inputs – I recommend you look at the collection of Applied Materials videos on Youtube  – they will give you an excellent overview of the tools and the industry. You may also want to view some of the videos on the semiconductor fabs and advanced material handling systems. And – if you are in Delhi – and we can work out an actual meeting (post Covid19)- I will take you thru the Maydan Tech Center on an AR/VR headset! It really is the next best thing to a live experience!

BTW- I was asked to repeat the workshops once again after an year – and I have recorded the same this time. The video is shared here:


The next session on ATMP builds on the trends and opportunities in this highly specialized sector.

Do join the ATMP session on 9th October! If you will enter your email on the subscription link at the bottom of my home page, I will ensure that I send you a personal invite to the session!


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  1. Purushothaman Ramakrishnan

    Hello Sir

    I am working in computer science department of IIT Chennai as project advisor. I would like to attend the ATMP session on 9th October. Can you please send me the invitation to attend.


    • Ashwini Aggarwal


      My apologies – I just saw your message. While the session finished just now – there is a full recording available. We will release it on Tuesday next and I will share it with you. Slides will be available on this site by Sunday evening (new post).

      Warm Regards

    • Ashwini Aggarwal

      Full slide set and video is now uploaded on – if there are any queries, please feel free to write in and I will be happy to help address the issue