SS4. How to memorize names – so that they can be remembered easily!

This Memory post demonstrates – and shares the how-to memorize names so that one can recall them easily.

Have you read a book and forgotten the author’s name? Are you forgetting the names that you read in an article yesterday?

Here I share this how-to memorize skill by a simple feat – recalling the names of the Covid19 vaccine makers 6 months after their story appeared in a daily in Dec20. In between, we share the ‘how-to’ both with the principles of memorization and recall – complete with the actual mnemonic story line, visual imagery cues and location map.

The memory palace is a :

Theatre called Albert Hall ( like the Royal Albert Hall of London – but it is NOT the Royal Albert Hall of London).  There is a stage platform for the performers, a central well for the audience – and out side the hall a theatre cafeteria where snacks are served in the lobby to the patrons.

The story line is:

I imagine a Thin, Lean and hungry Cat singing Karaoke – the Cat that is thin & lean is KATHLEEN and singing Karaoke (KARIKO). She is the first name in my list of Covid19 vaccine inventors, is of Hungarian origin- and she invented Moderna Vaccine (– which incidentally is derived from Modified RNA – RNA is RiboNucleic Acid protein)!

She is singing along with another cat – a COUGAR called OUGAR- and these two cats are roaring and singing and the hall is full of audience applause. OUGAR the cougar is SIGNing autograph diaries from the audience as he sings! OUGAR SAHIN is the second name in my list of vaccine makers.

OUGAR is signing the autograph diary given to him by an AUSTRALIAN TURKEY in the audience. This Australian Turkey is also LEAN  wearing an Australian OUTBACK hat and says with typical Australian accent “Thank you, MATE”!  The words AUSTRALIAN, LEAN, TURKEY compound to give me the name OZ Lean Turkey or “OZLEEM TURECI”.  OZLEEM TURECI is the wife of OUGAR SAHIN and the two are of Turkish origin – and are the inventors of the Pfizer vaccine!

These characters are singing in the ALBERT hall  – a theatre owned by a Gora (White in Hindi) Greek called ALBERT who is a Bura ( Bad) Greek! So I imagine him as Thomson & Thompson (TINTIN Comics) in Greek traditional dress and handcuffed! The words Gora, Bura, Albert compound to give me the name ALBERT BOURLA who is the CEO of the Pfizer Company.

Finally, in the lobby cafetaria, I see this Poonawala character from a hindi Bollywood movie I saw come in with a snake around his neck – the snake is an ADDER! This compounds to give me the name ADAIR POONAWALA – who is the CEO of Serum Institute of India.

This character throws YELLOW paint on a character dress as LORD KRISHNA and YELLS “ELLE” ( hindi for ‘take this’). These words YELLOW, YELL, ELLE compound to give me the name Dr.KRISHNA ELLA who is the founder chair of Bharat Biotech – another Indian vaccine maker!

The full story line is captured in the PPT here (Memorizing Names v2) , along with the detailed process notes.

Does it sound silly? It works! More exaggerated the imagery, easier it is to recall the content!

The demonstration video is shared on my youtube channel and is shared above.. In fact, all memory posts have their supporting text posts at and we recommend you subscribe to the blog as well our channel xltvinspires. This post builds on our previous episodes

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I will develop this memory training (Smriti Shaastra) in future posts as I demonstrate how to combine a relaxed mind with creative visualization of a targeted content with the principles of a memory palace to dramatically enhance memorization and recall!

In the next post, I will cover how to memorize names and faces of people – a major skill for professionals! For the time being, just enjoy and soak in this- and the videos shared below – and, for future alerts, do subscribe to my Youtube channel (and select the bell icon for future alerts) and the blogpost ( subscription box below) for getting more posts on memory training and other life-hacks!

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