Semiconductor Packaging – An Industry Primer

CONTENT PLAN : ATMP- PRIMER WORKSHOP ELCINA-MEITY : 9TH OCTOBER, 2020 Continuing on the knowledge workshop from last week, this session briefly touched the semiconductor industry – and key trends and drivers into the decade of 2020 -and then dived … Continued

Semiconductors- An industry Primer

Content Plan: Semiconductor Primer Workshop with MEITY & ELCINA Sometime back, Mr.Saurabh Gaur, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & IT, asked me to deliver a Semiconductor Primer for the Ministry of Electronics& IT. I worked with ELCINA to prepare and … Continued

Solar PV Safety- Electrical Safety

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A Solar PV installer has to take care of the electricity related hazards at his site. This covers two hazards: Electric shocks and Arc flash Discharge It is relevant to record that proper precautions and personal protection equipment is mandated … Continued

Cross-eyed PhD: Tip 12 SEM Models (Part 3)

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Piled High and Deep”,, by Jorge Cham Editor’s Note: Concluding post on Structural Equation Modeling by contributing author, Sanjay Malla, Research Scholar develops the discussion on SEM with an  example exploring a patron satisfaction model vs data. I really like … Continued

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