Building the Organization Culture…

Proud to be acknowledged by my corporation for my initiative in organizing the technical workshops on Semiconductor and ATMP manufacturing for the Indian stakeholders. Applied Materials has a very clearly articulated value system – we lead with winning teams that … Continued

Semiconductor Packaging – An Industry Primer

CONTENT PLAN : ATMP- PRIMER WORKSHOP ELCINA-MEITY : 9TH OCTOBER, 2020 Continuing on the knowledge workshop from last week, this session briefly touched the semiconductor industry – and key trends and drivers into the decade of 2020 -and then dived … Continued

Semiconductors- An industry Primer

Content Plan: Semiconductor Primer Workshop with MEITY & ELCINA Sometime back, Mr.Saurabh Gaur, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & IT, asked me to deliver a Semiconductor Primer for the Ministry of Electronics& IT. I worked with ELCINA to prepare and … Continued

Cross-eyed PhD: Tip 12 SEM Models (Part 3)

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Piled High and Deep”,, by Jorge Cham Editor’s Note: Concluding post on Structural Equation Modeling by contributing author, Sanjay Malla, Research Scholar develops the discussion on SEM with an  example exploring a patron satisfaction model vs data. I really like … Continued

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